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I love walking, and especially I love trail walking - moving from one place to another each day. And I also enjoy a convivial evening after a day's walking, and the magic of walking out of an overnight stay into lovely countryside.

These weekends give a taste of trail walking, and feel longer than just two days. The Peak District is a brilliant place for hiking, it has so much variety. And it's quick to get to from almost everywhere in the UK.

The original inspiration for these short breaks was Weekend Walks in the Peak District by John and Anne Nuttall. Their walks are car-based, but I find that going by train to one station and back from another is part of the fun.

Contact, and other details

I am Jeremy Polmear; I have done these walks with my partner Diana Ambache
(and sometimes other people too). Together we are

This site is an offshoot from, which has other two day walks plus longer ones in the UK and Europe of up to about 6 days.

I am an oboist who markets oboe-orientated albums at

Diana has a website on classical women composers and a Trust
helping people wanting to raise the profile of such composers:

Breakfast in Craster on the Northumbrian coast, October 2021 - written up in